Our Story

Our Story

We have always considered ourselves to be creative types. We enjoy the challenge of a new idea and the thrill (or hilarity!) of seeing the outcome of trying it out. Our biggest challenge though was life. Kids, work, binge watching Netfilx. All of these things took time and energy so, as with so many other people, the things that brought us that selfish sense of fulfillment went by the wayside because, who wants to be selfish right? What we forgot though was that by taking the time to take care of ourselves we were better able to give our best selves to everything else.

And then 2020 happened…..

Wow, what a strange, scary, frustrating and rewarding year that turned out to be. We were fortunate enough that we both continued working but slowly but surely we began to get some clarity. Well, not clarity, more like almost a crippling sense of being stuck in a rut and not being able to see any way out aside from stripping down to our underpants and running off into the woods to live with the deer. Anyway… it was February 2021. Jessica was toying with the idea of making bath bombs to feed our daughters’ addiction to them. Not for bathing mind you, mainly just for watching dissolve into the sink as they sat watching with fascination as they themselves remained covered in the filth of their daily play. Jess does not do anything for herself. Thankfully Pat’s sister was up and together they bullied Jess into clicking the necessary Amazon buttons to complete the purchase of all of the “stuff” she needed. Days later, our kitchen counter was covered in salts, powders, essential oils, molds and all of the accoutrements needed for Jess to begin creating.

And create she did!

What started out as tinkering quickly blossomed into an Etsy store and then a local shop carrying some of our products, a stand at a farmers market, two more shops carrying our products, our children becoming involved and working alongside us and bringing us even closer as a family…. Which brings us to now. Armed with a never ending stream of ideas and a joy that we haven’t experienced in a long time, we decided to kick things up a notch.

We are No Ennui. Why No Ennui? Well, because we make products that we hope can make people feel a moment of happiness and when we began, we were experiencing the ennui that so many other people felt and this endeavor saved us from that. We hope it helps you too.

So… take the time, browse the shop. Allow it to spark a creative idea within you and if it’s something you’d like to see, reach out to us. Challenge us with it and we will do our best to make your idea a reality.

And most of all… set aside that ennui for a moment and feel the joy.