A word about candles


They’re just candles right? You light them, you stare with a mindless fixation into the flame as all of the work you’re supposed to be doing is forgotten right? Well, there’s a bit more sciency stuff to it and we want to make sure our customers know what they are getting. We hand craft each of our candles and mix our scents based on whatever inspires us at that moment. This introduces an almost endless amount of variation in the scents we come up with. We try to create an idea or a theme and then we do our best to execute. We have had many customers who wont even burn our candles because they don’t want to ruin the look! We feel such pride in that but, should you choose to burn them there’s a couple of things to know. First, safety. You may need to remove some or most of the botanical pieces, especially those within an inch of the wick, prior to lighting. Always trim the wick to 1/4 each time you light it. We recommend burning them in sight, never unattended. When we burn our candles, we prefer to remove the decor, before lighting. After use, once the wax is cooled but still soft, we replace the pieces to their original arrangement. Some of our retailers sell a specialty line of our all natural candles. These are made also with soy wax, but with essential oils only, without a fragrance. These oils have much different properties in regards to scent throw. Essential oil candles will not give you that room filling scent you would expect from from a paraffin and fragrance candle. They are meant for smaller spaces and to be burned closer to you. Please reach out if you would like us to hand craft specialty items, such as these, for you. We will always try to work with you to create the exact product you are dreaming of. The fragrance oils that we do use are phthalate free.